About Us

We help manufacturers and fabricators grow their business by providing carbon steel distribution and parts processing. Our business started in 1949 as a steel scrap yard. Since then we have evolved to a leading steel distributer and parts manufacturer. By focusing on our customer’s needs we have built a reputation for being responsive, reliable and innovative.

As a steel distributor, we purchase steel from steel mills throughout the country by the truckload, railcar or barge load. Then sell the steel to manufacturers and fabricators in the five-state area. Many times, the steel is delivered the next day. This allows customers to save money with reduced inventory and lower material handling costs.

Our parts processing capabilities include saw, torch, plasma and laser cutting for both flat and three-dimensional steel shapes. In addition to cutting parts, parts can be formed with press brakes capable of bending steel up to 1 inch thick at 30 feet wide.

We are continually growing and have done 11 expansions over time. In 2018, the company opened the largest expansion yet with an 85,000 square foot parts processing facility. The new facility contains cutting edge technology to save customers time and money. As an example, we saved a manufacturer over 1,000 production hours over a year by using the latest technology to drill and tap over 30 holes on a part that was 7-foot by 10-foot and 1-inch thick, that they were previously drilling by hand.

Investing in the future is integral to how we do business whether it is in our people, relationships, technology or the community. We are involved in many workforce development initiatives in the area. Kandiyohi Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (KCEO) and Manufacturing and Processing Careers (MAP) with area high schools are two key initiatives we sponsor. With manufacturing jobs in high demand, the programs expose high school students to the great jobs in the community and strengthen the manufacturing base in the area.

We are proud members of the Metals Service Center Institute (MSCI) and the North American Steel Alliance. Both organizations broaden the benefits that we deliver to our customers and employees.

If you are interested in joining a growing company take a look at our careers page or learn more about the products and services, we provide.

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