3D Plasma Cutting

Our plasma cutting system is revolutionizing structural steel fabricating. We can help you improve your quality, costs, shop efficiencies and lead-times. It’s the marriage of advanced CNC robotics with high-definition plasma cutting, equipped with software so sophisticated, it programs cuts by itself. We can provide copes, slots, miters, bolt holes, notches, flush cuts, piece marks and layout marks and in one process. Many of these processes would typically need to be done with multiple single-purpose machines or even by hand. With our processing, you’ll receive high quality parts with quick turnaround at an affordable costs.

Processing Capabilities

  • Angle, Beam, Tee, Channel, Square/Flat Bar, Square/Rectangle Tube
  • 18” x 48” Capacity
  • +/- .0625” Standard Cutting Tolerances.  Inquire for Tighter Tolerances.
  • Up to 70’ Infeed and Outfeed
  • Capable of Cut-to-Length, Miter Cuts, Bevels, Slots, Copes, Holes, Notches, Flush Cuts, Part Marking
  • High Quality Bolt Holes Approved for Structural Steel by AISC, CISC and Other Institutions