GAP Growth Accelerating Parts

Manufacturers and fabricators can spend up to 65% of their production time producing parts that go into their product. When you are looking to increase production capabilities, reduce total costs or prevent unneeded capital investments, parts production is a critical piece of your business to evaluate.

With West Central Steel’s innovative Growth Accelerating Parts (GAP) program we partner with you to understand your needs and identify solutions. Using cutting edge technology, we can often, eliminate production steps and deliver the final part to you without unnecessary secondary operations.

Magnetic drilling, splice welding long parts, cutting pieces to length, tapping holes, hand coping, kitting or doing extensive material handling are just examples of processes that drain your capacity. We can help save you time and money with to reduce or eliminate these steps with our GAP program.

The Total Cost of Parts Production

People ExpenseProcessing & Overhead Expense
Labor Rate
Payroll Taxes
Health & Life Insurance
Workers Compensation Insurance
Equipment & Maintenance
Insurance & Property Taxes
Material Handling
Building Cost and Maintenance

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Precision Parts in 1 Week*

Our step-by-step process allows you to concentrate on the manufacturing of your final product by replacing a portion or entirely eliminating in-house parts production.

GROWTH ACCELERATING PARTS can make your process more efficient.

*Subject to inventory and size of project.


Identify Efficient Processing


Load DXF, DWG, or PDF
Develop programming
1st article approval, as needed

Quote & Approval

Refine specifications as necessary
Pricing established
Production is scheduled


Cut to Length, Miter Cuts, Bevels, Slots, Copes, Holes, Notches, Flush Cuts, Drilling, Tapping, Counter Boring, Milling (Slots, Profiles, Threads), Bending & Shearing
Parts are marked and quality checked

Packaged & Delivered

Labeled for shipment
Ready to assemble