High Def Plasma/Oxy Cutting

Plasma cutting is one of the most efficient and productive methods for manufacturers who want to provide their customers with high quality results. Laser referencing enables profiles and bevels to be cut to the tight tolerances manufacturers have come to expect. With over-sized tables, our cutting systems allow for high definition plasma as well as oxy fuel cutting on the largest of parts. The 400-Amp rated systems with TrueHole technology and beveling capabilities deliver high quality results.

Processing Capabilities

  • Sheet, Plate, Angle, Beam, Tee, Channel, Square/Flat Bar, Square/Rectangular Tube
  • HD Plasma Cut- Up to 2”
  • Thick / Oxy Cut- Up to 6” Thick
  • Up to 45-degree Bevel & Part Marking Available
  • Bed Size- Up to 12’ Wide and Up to 63’ Long
  • +/- .0625” Standard Cutting Tolerances.
  • Inquire for Tighter Tolerances.
  • 400-Amp with Two Plasma Heads & Four Oxy Heads
  • 15” Clearance
  • Number of HD Plasma/Oxy Machines – Three