Structural 3D Laser Cutting

Utilizing 4,000-watt lasers, thin to thick walled pipe, tubing and structural steel are sculpted to your specification in one cycle. Six-axis cutting creates an angle or arch which dramatically reduces manual and multiple processing. Through automatic loading, feeding, cutting, tapping and unloading, weld assembly parts are efficiently produced with the consistency and accuracy required for robotic welding.

Processing Capabilities

  • Angle, Beam, Channel, Round/Square/Flat Bar, Round/Square/Rectangular Tube, Pipe, Tee
  • 8-5/8” (rd) & 6” (sq) OD Maximum
  • 3/4” Maximum Cutting Thickness
  • 26’2” Cut Length Maximum
  • +/- .010” Standard Cutting Tolerances. Inquire for Tighter Tolerances.
  • Up to 45-degree Miter Cutting
  • Capable of Cut to Length, Miter Cuts, Bevels, Slots, Copes, Holes, Notches, Flush Cuts, Part Marking
  • 4,000 Watt Resonators
  • Number of 3D laser Machines – Two