Reduce Storage and Handling Time


A heavy equipment manufacturer ran into storage and handling issues when ordering bulk shipments of steel for their operations. Being a large-scale manufacturer, they typically ordered a consistent amount of steel directly from the mill on a regular basis. This served them well in terms of getting the cheapest price per pound, but due to bulk quantities and storage restrictions in the plant, most of the product was left outside on gravel lots when it arrived. 

The lack of storage capacity wound up costing them more than what they saved in buying the cheapest price per pound steel. Exposure to the elements caused the steel to rust and become pitted, which increased the time and labor required to restore the steel to its original quality. Similarly, without an organizational system in place to keep track of their inventory, it sometimes took hours to sift through material to find what they needed or dig out the steel buried with snow.


Steel inventory in warehouse

After realizing their strategy was costing more than it saved, the manufacturer quickly began to look for alternative options. West Central Steel was recommended as a reliable partner for carbon steel supplies and parts processing. Our sales team worked closely with their purchasing department to compare their product requests with the inventory we had on hand.


Thanks to our steady supply of steel and organized storage and inventory processes, West Central Steel was able to review the volumes needed and process and ship the steel out the next day — reducing inventory costs by 30%, handling time by hours each week, and increasing the overall product quality while decreasing costs. 

As a result, West Central Steel continues to be a reliable and efficient partner. Our strong relationships with a variety of mills allow us to provide our customers with large and small quantities of steel where and when they need it. It’s another example of how we help our partners build their success. 

If your manufacturing facility is struggling with storage and handling efficiency issues, contact West Central Steel to tell us about your situation. We have the material and capabilities to provide a unique solution catered to your specific needs.

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